Forex, Crypto & all commodities


With incredible advances in technology, comes great responsibility to use them sustainability. While algorithmic trading and high frequency trading is welcomed by exchanges all over the world, we have to ensure we are utilising these innovations securely and ethically.

At CFC, we are a financial company, that means we account for everything we do and work to invigorate minds thoughtfully and with great care. We work to help you.


With both The Forex & Crypto Market package and The Metals, Energy & Soft Commodities courses you will receive 1 GB of storage space for all of your settings. If youu2019d like to share your data, we can help you can combine the different results you receive and have our AI calculate a new result based on the new settings.

You can also combine the different results of the diagram analysis to create a completely new combination of different technical analysis systems. All of this works in seconds with our powerful cloud computing system and our unique database architecture.

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